Saturday, August 29, 2009

MegaBus vs. Greyhound Prices

With Megabus to Hartford service is a Boston to Hartford Price Comparison...Megabus vs. Greyhound.

Web purchase on Greyhound is about 15%, which is about the same discount as a Student Advantage discount. The only advantage of a Student Advantage discount over web is that you can purchase at the counter, with the oh-so friendly Greyhound ticket agents.

The differences between Greyhound refundable and non refundable tickets are really really confusing so you might want to double check, but here is how I think it works. Tickets with Greyhound used to be open-ended, but now they should be used on the exact date and time on the ticket, but I think there is leeway that they just have to be used on the same day (not time). There is a 40% refund penalty - so I guess that make its basically worthless to even pay the refundable surcharge. Plus, I'm sure you'll have to wait 5 weeks to get some paper check from Greyhound.

Here are price comparisons as they stood on August 28th, 2009.

One Way
Megabus: $13-$15 (If you're lucky $1, or unlucky $18)
Ghound Web: $24 non-refundable / $28 refundable
Ghound Counter: $32 non-refundable / $ 38.50 refundable

Round Trip
Megabus: $26-$30
Ghound Web: $48 non-refundable / $56 refundable
Ghound Counter: $57 non-refundable / $65 refundable.


  1. And you should mention many Greyhound buses take significantly longer to get there. Fung Wah bus is $15 each way to Boston and stops at Burger King on trips during the daylight. (It didn't stop late at night on the return trip).

  2. is it a Burger King near hartford? Can some one buy from the driver and board there? thx

  3. there is no Burger King - you might be thinking of LuckyStar that used to (or sometimes) stop there.

    you can't buy from the driver...although you can buy the ticket from the Megabus 1800# with a credit card and get a confirmation # from them. or if you have internet on your phone you could buy on there.