Thursday, September 10, 2009

Megabus Complaints - Email Addresses

So if you hate Megabus stopping Hartford Service, besides contacting Customer Service, two people you may be able to contact are John Gunning or Jim Murphy of CoachUSA (owners of Megabus). They both sent me emails once, by accident I assume.

The emails are posted below. The Gunning one is kind of creepy. Sounds like sexual harrasment or something. Can anyone verify what it means? Comment below! (Also Megabus is emailing customers about the new "express" service to New York - I guess that was a big reason for the change. The image they sent is below.)

Subject: Camping
Sent: Tue 5/26/09 1:58 PM
To: Pamela Gunning (;; "To:_almarowe";


Can you and I have the tent? lets do it!




Subject: New Email Address‏
Sent: Mon 5/18/09 2:48 PM

Please note:

I now have a new email. Please forward all emails to the new address listed below:

James T. Murphy
Vice President/General Manager, Gray Line New York
Gray Line New York Sightseeing
777 8th Avenue, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10036
NYC Telephone: 212-445-0848 Ext 105 Fax: 212-489-1089
Hoboken Telephone: 201-714-9400 ext 131 Fax 201-222-1146


  1. Yea it sucks no more mega bus. I sent them a letter. We need Mega..Don't wanna know about peter & the hound.

  2. i know Gunning - total perv cheating on his wife.

  3. The best thing to happen to HTFD and now it is gone!

  4. Jim M is not the owner!! He thinks he is but most people that know him would say his an idiot And trust me he is!! he is the type of guy that takes info from everyone else and uses it to his advantage to make him self look good...